MINI-SERIES ~ Episode #5

(based on the book The Amazing Experiences Adventure by R.R. Cutter, grade 5 student)

As they slept that night, they all saw robbers in their dreams. The next day was Saturday, so they decided to meet up at the same wall at the school. They talked about their dreams.

All the robbers were different. Michael’s looked like a skeleton, Keisha’s looked like a big bird and Mark’s looked like a gerbil-dog, half gerbil, half dog. They could tell that the strange characters were robbers because they all had big fat bags with a few bills sticking out the sides.

Earlier that morning, Michael said he had seen an ad on TV. The actors in the ad didn’t quite have the same clothes, but they looked the same as the robbers that he and his friends had seen in their dreams. The ad said, “If you want to pick up a book made with money, go to Abby Street and 8th Line. We are right on the corner”.

Thinking this was rather odd, the friends decided to go and investigate.

When they got to the building on Abby Street, they knocked on the door. What appeared to be a big bird came to the door and said, in a very LOUD voice, “We are not finished making our books yet, go away and come back later”. He just stuck his head out. He had only opened the door a crack.

The friends decided to take drastic measures. So that night, they went over to the building hoping to record something on their cell phones showing what the robbers were doing. No such luck! They tried again the next night. But, every time the door opened, it was only opened a crack and they couldn’t see inside. Maybe they really were making a book in there??

Then, later on, all three robbers left. The three friends followed them to the bank. When the robbers came out, they were carrying another three bags of money.

The three guys matched up exactly to the robbers they had seen in their dreams. Michael, Keisha and Mark shouted, “Check!” at the same time. The robbers dropped their bags and ran at them.

Michael reached out his arm and touched the outstretched hand of the skeleton causing him to be shocked by electricity. The robber just stood there shaking all over.

Then Keisha got the big bird’s attention by starting to walk away. She then turned around suddenly and while he stopped in surprise, she froze him. The robber couldn’t move, as he was full of ice and dripping with icicles.

Mark summoned all his breath and blew tornados to surround the gerbil-dog robber. Then he blew a big strawberry bubble – his favourite flavour – and pushed the robber into a pile with the other two robbers.

Finally, the friends decided to do a giant high five, because they already knew what would happen. They aimed the tips of their fingers at the pile of robbers and a giant beam hit them. The friends shouted, “Mate! Checkmate!!”

All at once, the robbers froze together and the wind blew them into a snow bank, while a thunderstorm of electricity cracked above them.

Now that the robbers were all bundled up, the three friends called the police. The police came and the stunned officers asked the kids questions all at once, “How… what… why…??”

Michael, Keisha and Mark simply answered, “We saw them robbing the bank and we set up some booby traps to catch them.”

No one will ever know…
the real truth!