MINI-SERIES ~ Episode #6

(based on the book The Amazing Experiences Adventure by R.R. Cutter, grade 5 student)

The friends are all in Grade 7 now. They had promised each other that they would never use their powers to hurt anyone or commit crimes. But they also decided they needed to do something amazing after their first big adventure … so the next day…

Michael, Keisha and Mark decided to take full advantage of the first day of the summer holidays, and… because the bank had given them a large reward for capturing the robbers, they were able to buy the robbers’ book company. So, with a little help from their parents, they did!

What about their new found powers, you say? Oh, they still use them – Michael provides an electrical boost to the printing press whenever there is a power outage – which means their books are always delivered on time.

Keisha makes sure they always have cold, frosty drinks on hand, as it gets pretty hot when gluing the covers on the books.

And Mark – he blows enormous fruity bubbles to deliver the finished books to students at the school.

Oh, and guess what the first book they wrote and published was…

The Amazing Experiences Adventure!

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