Paying Per Click advertising on Amazon.

Is this really for you?

As with all advertising, it costs money to get your book ad in front of more shoppers. So be sure to consider if you will make more money than you will spend – otherwise, what’s the point!

Have a look at our article on Google Ads, where we discuss the value proposition of advertising.

While many authors successfully use Amazon marketing tools, it is imperative to carefully research first and craft your strategy based on solid market information. Basically, you place bids on relevant keywords, and if your bid wins and your ad matches the search, your ad gets displayed to shoppers ~ Advertise on Amazon

If it is right for you, perhaps start with a small budget and test the waters, learn based on your results, see what and how it is working before investing more (it is not just money, it is your time too!)

Example: Headline search ads also use a cost-per-click method where the minimum bid per keyword is $0.10. There are also only two keyword match-types supported for headline search ads – exact and phrase match. Lastly, the minimum campaign budget for these ads is $100, with a limit of $1 spent per day. Oct 26, 2018 ~ According to Wordstream

Learning from someone else’s experiences may save you costly mistakes. This article on Dave Chesson’s site may be of interest: case study.

3 aspects to consider

#1 ~ Learn the ropes of how the Amazon advertising system works. And exactly how much it will cost you. Here’s a resource on Amazon that describes their advertising and offers free credits. But be aware that it is written by Amazon so might make things sound really good. While the how-tos will be helpful, take the the time to apply the information to your situation/product, to see if it really might work for you – start small, measure what/if working, before investing more.

#2 ~ Where is your book currently in the rankings? By using Ads, will you be able to elevate the ranking of your book so it appears more to the top of the list in response to searches or to perhaps help in winning the buy box* advertisement? You’d have to know how many books you need to sell to move up in the ranking or to hit #1 in your bestseller categories on Amazon. (See more about categories below.) You can use a book sales calculator to give you an estimation of how many copies are being sold on Amazon for any eBook or print book, i.e., the competition that is ranked higher than your book.

*A ‘buy box’ advertisement is the box showing to the right of the product page, offering purchasers a one-click option to buy another item.

Here are two calculators: (there are others if you search)

Checking both will give you an idea of what quantity needs to be sold in one day or one month to hit a certain bestseller ranking.

Tip: Amazon’s algorithm for sales rankings attributes more value to recent sales. This means that 5 sales in the last hour will boost your point-in-time sales ranking more so than getting 5 sales in the last week. This is why you may see a book elevated to best seller when a number of people purchase within a short period for such as a promotion.

#3 ~ Check out best sellers book list – overall and in your genre:


Some say this is the way to go, to get seen on Amazon. But it has to be a personal choice, only you can determine the actual value-return proposition. While we have given you some things to consider as well as information and links in this article – make sure you do your research and, if right for you, take the time plan well, watch your budget, and measure return on investment!

NEXT UP … Making your book more widely available (in more than one Amazon Marketplace).