While you might have a good Facebook strategy and be dipping into Twitter and seen the action on Instagram, Pinterest is also an option to consider.

We enjoy showcasing our authors’ books on PINTEREST. Why?

TRIMATRIX Management Consulting Inc. ~

Because we can link to their sales platforms (such as, their website, social media, etc.) and this lets readers know about appearances in local stores, neighbourhood Indigo/Chapters, and other events … great CANADIAN books that you should checkout!

Pinterest is a digital scrapbook/bulletin board of sorts and although social interaction is negligible, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing – and it can be a simple add-on to your overall digital marketing strategy. If your cover or other interesting images (say, from an event) capture a follower’s eye, they will ‘pin’ it to their board and then it will flow to their followers’ feeds. In turn, it may show up as a suggested pin to other users of the platform who share a similar interest … and so forth … eventually word spreads and interest can grow.

But don’t limit yourself to your own book(s). You can set up different boards, and through pinning about books you’re reading, artwork you enjoy, or infographics that are helpful to you as an author – you are quietly letting your readers/followers know a bit more about you as an author. This helps build a relationship with your reader base in a natural, non-confrontational manner.

Need a bit more convincing? Check out this piece on Pinterest tips for authors.