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Podcasting might be easier than you think!

A great way to expand on your book is to create Podcasts around your content that add more value for your readers or potential clients. Here are a few ideas and some information on how to get started.

If you are writing a novel, maybe you can engage your readers in the process by talking about setting, characters and plot while you are developing your story. Ask questions and seek feedback via comments. Be sure not to give too much away!

If you are working on a business book, perhaps you can create a forum to ask your audience or potential clients what they’d like to know. Start with introducing a topic, discuss your take on it and/or provide valuable insights and information. Ask for others thoughts and questions. This could help you develop a more qualified resource with your book. Be sure not to infringe on anyone’s copyrights.

If you’ve completed your book – You could start a book club of sorts, reading excerpts from the book and leading the audience to where they can purchase. Invite them to contribute thoughts as they read the book. For business/how-to books, provide more and/or updated information relating your book to current events.

HOW-TO Get Started

There are a variety of services out there, so check them out. We used PodBean, where we could sign-up for free (although with upgraded plans, there are more features such as scheduling publication and custom designing your channel graphics) and which we found easy to use.

Here is what we did:

Set up an account, added our logo at PodBean. And, downloaded the free APP to our company’s main cell phone (check your specific phone’s APP facility; we were using an iPhone). Then…

  1. Open the App (you’ll have to login, etc.) and then we clicked the little red microphone.
  2. Selected Record Audio (perhaps if you are just beginning, you do not want to try a Livecast just yet).
  3. Plugged in headphones (the little ones that came with the phone) and clicked the little red microphone again.
  4. Recorded our episode and clicked the little red square, which paused the recording. So we could click ‘Save’ at bottom right of screen.
  5. Revised Episode Title and clicked ‘Save’, which took us to next screen showing all Episodes.
  6. We selected upload (the little ‘up’ arrow). NOTE: You might want to play your recording first to make sure it was recorded and sounds okay.
  7. Next, we changed the date to a later date, so it wouldn’t publish right away.
  8. Then clicked ‘Publish’.

Here are images for steps 1-8 above:

Then, log into your account on your computer. (You can publish from your phone but we found it easier to make adjustments on the computer.) Go to ‘Dashboard’ (click the button near top right).

  1. In the left menu, go to ‘Episodes’, under ‘Publish’. Click the little pencil to right of Episode Title.
  2. Add a brief description (only 500 characters are allowed). Scroll down.
  3. At the bottom of screen you can click ‘Save as a draft’ or ‘Publish’. (You need to upgrade to schedule for later. However, if you do it all on your phone APP it appears to allow scheduling. We preferred to edit on computer, so saved as ‘draft’ and manually published when we wanted Episodes to be available, which suited us since we were just doing a limited number). Saving will take you back to ‘Episodes’ screen (image 9). Next click the ‘little arrow in the box’ to right of Episode Title.
  4. Here’s where you get the code to embed in your Blog or social media. We were putting on our Blog, so we scrolled down to where you see the ‘Widget Code’ and copied this code into our Blog post.
  5. And, there you have it, the Podcast is available in our post and we shared the post on our social media.

Here are images for steps 9-13 above:

Of course, getting the content right is a whole other story! But it was sure fun to play around with this technology and people seem to like our Episodes on FUN with Kids / Get Kids Writing – a little summer diversion.

Disclaimer: TRIMATRIX Management Consulting Inc. has provided this information for general knowledge purposes only. It is important to us that we provide relevant, accurate and up-to-date information and we do our best to review credible sources and ensure information is current at time of article publication. However, it is each individual reader’s own choice and responsibility to review information independently, particularly where there are links to other sites, to determine what specifics are applicable to them and/or if services mentioned suit their needs. Plus, with technology, screens can change from time to time, so check the supplier’s site for the most up-to-date information about their product, costs and processes. The information provided by TRIMATRIX Management Consulting Inc. (and its operating businesses), in no way implies an endorsement, relationship or connection by or to the entities referenced.


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