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Print-On-Demand (POD)

We often get questions about printing and distribution, and the relationship between the two. As we’ve mentioned before a balanced approach might be best, however it depends on your goals. And, currently with COVID-19, in-person events are not really an option, so online ordering has bloomed.

As always, we offer guidance based on following the self-publishing industry, the business environment in terms of what/how people are reading, and our authors’ needs. So currently, we are more often helping authors set up POD for their books. In some cases this can be a combination of distributors/retailers depending on the author’s interest in managing various accounts or wanting one account, tech savviness, etc. (Our authors are the publishers, they own everything for their books from copyright and ISBN to receiving proceeds for books sales directly – flexibility and creative control – our goal is to teach them the ropes so they are self-sufficient and can grow in the indie-publishing realm as they are ready.)

After working with our authors [and they’ll be the first to admit they are mostly not that tech savvy; never mind the two-step verification on Amazon that makes it difficult for another party to assist (since details have to be changed back and forth to gain access)] – currently, we more often help authors set their books up on IngramSpark. Why?

  • IngramSpark has broader distribution with just one account to look after, all distributions and incoming revenues are consolidated, and authors’ titles are listed* for libraries and bookstore purchases as well as online distributors (authors can also have a KDP/Amazon account, as long as they don’t select KDP/Amazon Select or expanded distribution, as well as other accounts if they so choose).
  • The interface on IngramSpark seems much more user-friendly. Account is easy to set up by adding a few details. (Once book files are uploaded it is recommended to order a printed proof, which is easy to do. Once authors get used to the fields, and we are here to help, book details like subjects, keywords, etc. are quick to navigate. Then, with a click on the ‘home’ screen, distribution is launched and book title information is available* to book retailers and libraries.
  • It is simpler for assisting parties (with author permission to log in) and help with book upload and/or provide guidance regarding metadata for books, which details are well-known after working on editing and design, book cover creation, and many discussions with the author over the course of the book project.


Because your book is print on demand, your book is always virtually “in stock” and available to order from IngramSpark. If you are seeing ‘out of stock’ or ‘temporarily unavailable’, contact IngramSpark to see about having them rebroadcast the metadata, as they mention in their article, which includes information on Title Availability.

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