Support & Exciting News!

If you’re one of the Canadian authors who has worked with us in the past, you know we love to celebrate your accomplishments, events and news! Keep the info coming and we’ll share, like, etc. And you also know we are here to support you because when you email the AuthorHub team, they answer, no matter how long after you published!

Trimatrix Management Consulting Inc. has some news too.

We have launched our new learning platform to help new authors – just like we helped all the authors we’ve worked with before by guiding them through the process, answering questions they hadn’t even thought to ask, and being there after publication to support and answer any other questions as they proceeded with launch, marketing and sharing their fabulous book with readers locally and around the world. Plus, our current authors will be able to refer and gain credits to put towards other services and future publications – in coming weeks, stay tuned for your individual email explaining how it works.

Meanwhile, check it out at