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Publishing Companies Toronto Authors Deserve

When you’re preparing to self-publish your book either alone or with the assistance of one of the many publishing companies Toronto, Canada has to offer, there are several things that you’ll want to be sure to look for. These three best practices are keys to ensuring that you have a better chance at success with publishing and marketing your book.

Listens to Their Clients

Any reputable Toronto publishing company should be focused on listening to their clients. Whether you are talking by phone or having an in-person ‘virtual’ meeting, you’ll want to be dealing with a specialist that understands not just book publishing in Canada but also connects with your specific book and understands your wishes.

If you are talking with a company that provides custom services, like Trimatrix Management Consulting Inc., you’ll want to understand what’s customizable, what’s included, and what sort of support the company’s team will offer to assist you with publishing your book in Canada

If you’re using an online or digital only service, you’ll want to ensure that they have responsive customer service available in case problems should arise.

Self-Publishing Canada That Respects Client’s Wishes

In addition to fully understanding you, you’re going to want your publishing company to also respect your wishes. It’s of little benefit to you if the company of your choice disregards what you are saying. After all self-publishing in Canada is about you being the publisher so you can have a say in such as design, production and distribution. Whether online or in-person, if you’re seeking self-publishing assistance, check the reviews of the company to see what their clients say about the experience in working with the companies you are considering.

Communicates Clearly

Before you sign any contracts or agreements, make sure that communication is crystal clear. Your money and your reputation are on the line so it pays to be certain that you clearly understand everything. Particularly if you are a first-time self-publisher, you want to receive guidance on how the process works and what to consider. If you’re working with a online only publisher, where files are uploaded according to documentation, and you don’t understand any of what they are requiring, it might be time to reach out to a publishing company that can provide more coaching to help you self-publish your book professionally and support you as the process proceeds.

Publishing Companies Toronto Authors Deserve!

Trimatrix Management Consulting Inc. has the experience and expertise to assist you in all of your self-publishing needs. From idea to book in hand, we’ll be glad to help with as much or as little as you need. We pride ourselves on listening to our authors’ wishes and goals. Our aim is help you to feel that sense of accomplishment when you publish your book professionally, so it is worthy to compete.  And to help you at the pace you want to work. Our awesome clients recommend us because they know we care and are experts at what we do. If you’re looking for a little (or a lot) of help with self-publishing, please give us a call.We’d love to hear about your book and offer you the opportunity to experience our premium customer service.

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