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Publishing Services Overview

Working with a publishing company in Canada can give you the expert assistance you need while allowing you to maintain the autonomy and independence you desire. Writing a book requires a huge investment of time and effort that doesn’t even including trying to understand the complexities of the publishing industry.  Below are eight elements of publication with which a self-publishing company can assist you.

Complete Project Management

From the very first spark of an idea to the creative marketing of the finished product, a self-publishing company can help you with every detail of publication. When you have questions or need help these companies are the ones you can turn to for concise answers.

Knowledgeable Publication Management

ISBNs, copyright pages, creating bar codes, legal deposits, and more can easily confuse a budding author. Consulting with experts on publication management can greatly reduce the learning curve and time it takes for you to get your book from final draft to finally published.

Professional Editing

Just like two heads are better than one, when it comes to editing the more eyes on the project the better. Professional editors can ensure that your book is more readable by correcting any grammar mistakes, wordy prose, and even detect and correct inconsistencies in your book.

Professional Artwork

Books are judged by their covers and professional artwork can ensure that your cover appeals to the audience you’re targeting. Captivating design on the inside is equally as important and a skilled artist can help you perfect your published masterpiece.

Dynamic Design

Formatting your book for optimal print and electronic publication conveys a professional quality that authors and readers alike demand. Producing a book with the ideal layout and in the format your readers want is equally critical for creating an enticing book that your audience will love.

Quality Production

When the time comes to produce copies of your book, both digitally and in print, look for a self-publishing company with a solid reputation. An expert team with the capability to produce an attractive book across all types of media, so your book will appeal to a wide audience no matter in what form they choose to read, is a must!

Clever Marketing

When it’s time to let people know your book is available you’ll need clever marketing. Professional marketing guidance can help you reach your audience through a mix of outbound and inviting communications, including such as press releases, social media marketing and more.

Awesome Support

Self-publishing companies in Canada can offer you support in a wide variety of ways, including phone, email, video conference, and even, when possible, in person. Whether you need just a little advice in one area or guidance from start to finish a self-publishing company like TRIMATRIX Management Consulting Inc. can help you reach your publishing goals.


Infographic showing Publishing Services Overview


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