Reaching your book’s audience with social media

Engaging the right audience, in the right way, on the right platform, can help your audience see the value to them.

screen shot of heading for 2018 Social Audience Guide by

This awesome Social Audience Guide, created by Spredfast gives you a really good picture of who frequents which social media forum.

Readers don’t buy books because of the tangible book elements, they buy them because of the benefits they will receive from reading your book, based on what they think your book will do for them, at this point in their lives.

Define your readership – Who are they, how old, what stage of life? Determine what your book will do for them. Think about how and where they will read your book and/or what formats you have to offer them for which devices (more about formats next month).

Then, connect with the right audience, through the right forum, with the right message & engage them in conversation, invite them to stay connected, keep the communication going!

You can find some ideas on social media communication here.