Self-Published Book Awards 2018

image of open book on light green background with sparkles coming out of pages and floating upwardsThe Self-Published Book Award competition has been announced. This U.S. based prize is open to Canadian author’s who self-published a book in 2017. This might be of interest to any of our TRIMATRIX Management Consulting Inc. family of author members who published their book in 2017. With a chance to gain recognition (along with prize money) this could be a great way to expand exposure to your book. NOTE: There is a fee to enter (in U.S. Dollars) and you must submit a professionally printed copy of your book.

Please ensure you review the terms and conditions carefully* and, if you choose to enter your book for consideration, note that you need to enter your name (or your business/organization name) as ‘Publisher’ – i.e. the publisher name used to set-up your Library and Archives registration – not TRIMATRIX Management Consulting Inc.

As we’ve highlighted in earlier posts, awards and prizes such as the ‘Self-Published Book award’ are a great way to gain visibility for your book!

Deadline is April 2, 2018 so get your entry in soon! Good luck!!

* Disclaimer: TRIMATRIX Management Consulting Inc. is providing this information for general knowledge purposes only and is not associated with the noted event/award/prize program. It is the individual author/self-publisher’s own choice and responsibility to review all terms and conditions before registering &/or participating.