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Put Creativity into Selling Your Fiction (and other genres too!)

There are also other articles on this blog talking about key points to consider when planning marketing for your book. But let’s recap the key points (with a focus on fiction):

  • Who did you write your book for? (picture this person in detail, see them reading their favourite fiction book)
  • Why do people want to buy fiction? (a fun read, take their mind off things, relax; why do you buy a fiction book?)
  • When do people usually buy fiction books? (vacation, as gifts, March break, reading week, in the hospital)
  • What form of book? (when you read fiction how do you like to read – flip through the pages of a printed book, on your eReader where you can have a few books or all the books in your favourite series)
  • Where will people go to find a good fiction book? (online search, local store, referral from a friend, serendipity)

As we’ve also expounded in past articles on various book selling tactics – you need a place to sell, make it easy to find and buy, promote that your book is there.

Think outside the box about where your book could be, for example: (besides book stores)

  • Retail stores – they might sell a variety of things including books (e.g., along with other items for vacationers)
  • Gift shops – some of our authors have their books in flower shops (people go in for flowers as a gift but might leave with a book too/instead)
  • Places people visit – heritage centres (our local one sells art, why not books), places that offer guide books (maybe people want to read instead of hiking)
  • Specialty bookstores online – search for sites that house a variety of books in same genre, see what they have to offer in terms of reach and cost to you
  • Niche stores – we had a local store that sold games, little characters, comics and books (this might not be a fit with your fiction book but look around, you might find an interesting store that fits)
  • Libraries – check out other articles here
  • Reading clubs – search for local groups that post invitations to attend, maybe approach them to make your book the next book for discussion (offer a discount for group purchase, get reviews, post on your website and invite other reading groups to contact you)
  • Community events – search our blog for lots of articles on this avenue

Other ways to attract attention

Independent book reviews: (may incur cost, read the fine print*)

Award competitions – check out links in this article for some Canadian ones.

As always, think about who your audience is and where they might go to seek out new information on their interests – don’t limit yourself to book stores! Several of our authors have had good results chatting with local specialty stores to put their books on their shelves, gotten involved to create local events, book readings (outside the book store). Think ‘a book about floral art’ in a local florist shop; a children’s story about birds in a nature shop. You get the idea. In today’s diversified commerce environment, it is important to stay focused on the primary goal – getting your book into the hands of someone who would enjoy it – by as many means as necessary. And of course, always carry a few copies with you… you never know when an opportunity to showcase your book will pop up!


* NOTE:  TRIMATRIX Management Consulting Inc. does not endorse or guarantee any aspect of the listed companies/links. These are provided solely for general information. It is your responsibility to investigate in detail and make your own personal decision before engaging with any/all sites, entities, providers.



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