Setup Hosting and a Domain (Updated)

To get setup for a website, you will require 2 things:

  1. Domain
    For example:, which can also be a .ca, .net, etc.
  2. Hosting
    The server where your website files are held and made public to your visitors.

The following videos provide step-by-step instructions to finding a domain, setting up hosting, and updating your domain name servers.

Please note: From time to time, external sites may change such as the look of their screens, information, pricing, etc. The information here was accurate at time of posting and is usually still sufficient to help you navigate even updated screens. If we become aware of major changes, we may update this post and/or videos accordingly.

Domain Registration

This video walks you through how to find affordable domains, without getting locked into contracts, and transferring to a new registrar (the company you register your domain with) – or registering directly with recommended registrar, NameSilo – who includes FREE privacy, protecting your contact information.

We also go over transferring to NameSilo for existing domains, to avoid having to overpay (it’s suggested to stay under $11 – $12 CAD) when renewing your domain.

Here are some links mentioned in the video regarding the transfer process:

Setting up Your Hosting Account

This video walks you through signing up for a hosting account with SharkHost and providing access to your web developer (if applicable).

The process is very simple, and SharkHost provides FREE SSL Certificates to secure your domain.

Be sure to use coupon code 99YEAR on checkout to pay $0.99GBP (approx. $2.00CAD) for your first year!

Updating Your Domain Name Server (DNS)

Once your domain and hosting is setup, you will need to “point” your domain to the hosting provider.

This quick video guides you into updating your domain DNS, making your site visible and accessible when users visit your website.

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