SEVEN TIPS to block writer’s block – #1 Stop!

IMG_1053 (640x572)How long have you been starring at that blank page or screen? Here are seven tips to help block writer’s block:

  1. Stop! … sitting there staring at the page or screen. Get up and move around. Jumping on the spot even counts.
  2. Go to a different room or, even better, outside. A change of scenery works wonders.
  3. Put the TV on and flick from station to station, then stop all of a sudden and describe what is on the screen.
  4. Get out your coloured markers (come on, we all have them) and draw. it doesn’t matter if you can’t draw, just scribble in all different colours.- frame it and put it on your wall in front of your computer or desk-:)
  5. Touch your right hand to your left-foot big toe and vice-versa. Then stretch up tall.
  6. Drink a big glass of water.
  7. Talk into a voice recorder or your phone, tell yourself what you are writing, describe it in great detail, pretend you are talking to your audience. And, if it’s really good, transcribe it.

Bonus tip ~ Once the flow of words starts, don’t stop! Just write till you drop. Don’t edit or filter, just dump it on the paper. (Creativity comes from the right brain; let it do its thing. The left brain can take over later, and organize and edit at will.)