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Should You Create an AudioBook?

icon showing shape of head, headphones and open bookAs we head into holiday season, even though your mind might be on book promotion and other activities, it is also the beginning of a period where people start to reflect and perhaps percolate about what’s coming next…

We’d like to introduce an amazing author, Lynn McLaughlin. Lynn wrote and published the book “Steering Through It – Navigating Life-Threatening Illness…Acceptance, Survival and Healing” ~ a most honest, open and truly supportive view of the journey than we had seen before.Image of front cover for book: Steering Through It by Lynn Mclaughinn

It was our privilege to help Lynn transform her manuscript into a professionally published book in print and electronic formats – a great foundation to evolve into new and upcoming avenues of publication – particularly when one has such an important and engaging story to tell! Congratulations Lynn ~

Here is Lynn’s take on expanding her reach by publishing her book in audio format…

Should I create an audiobook version of “Steering Through It”? This is one question I asked myself for many months as I learned more and more about the current markets and reader interest for indie published books. My book was available in paperback (printed format) and on Amazon/Kindle, Kobo and Chapters (EPUB/MOBI ebook format) but outside of the globally available ebook format, I had been looking for a way to better engage readers in the United States and internationally. The cost of shipping is costly.  Marketing outside of Canada also poses challenges. And readers are reading books differently.

I conducted my research and found that many people are now choosing the audiobook option.  Lifestyles are very different than they have been in the past. With varying devices in the hands of so many adults, the audiobook version gives people options.

I had no intention of narrating the book myself and began my search for a professional, recognized individual.  I searched several sites but was most intrigued with one in particular – Marnye Young Hull, who had won several awards and did work which spread across many genres. I immediately loved what I heard.

I reached out to Marnye and her response was remarkable. She recommended that we work with Silverton Audio, a company with over 25 years of experience creating audio and video productions. Silverton would coordinate and put all of the tracks together for the final version and then post it for sales. Marnye completed draft readings chapter by chapter for my review and approval. I was very particular about the pronunciation and the changing voices in characters.  She was genuinely talented, flexible, understanding and committed to what I wanted – a Canadian “accent” was very important to me.

Once the full track was completed, Silverton posted it for presale and then on several additional sites including Audiobooks, iTunes, Downpour and Amazon. Marnye also worked with me to create a podcast interview to assist with promotion of the book, which was hosted by Gwyn Olson.

I am very pleased with the decision to move in this direction.  My questions and requests have always been immediately addressed by those involved in my audio book (and from TRIMATRIX Management Consulting Inc. as they support me ongoing).  I have several of the CDs in hand to sell during my own book talks/readings/presentations.

At this point in time, I cannot attest to the volume of sales.  Promotion is the key and I have just launched a social media campaign.  In the end though, if our story makes a difference to people, regardless of where they live in the world, monetary costs which were roughly $800 USD to create, post and promote the audio book, will not be steering our decisions in the future.

DISCLAIMER ~ Lynn McLaughlin and TRIMATRIX Management Consulting Inc. have provided this information for general knowledge purposes only. It is the individual author/reader’s own choice and responsibility to review information independently and determine what specifics are applicable to them and/or if services suit their needs. The information provided by TRIMATRIX Management Consulting Inc. (and its operating businesses), in no way implies an endorsement, relationship or connection by or to the entities referenced.


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