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Publishing Services for
Small Businesses.

Books for Workshops, Speaking Engagements, Internal/External Communications

For professional, custom and co-ordinated guide books for your workshops, published books to help promote speaking engagements, workbooks for seminars and business presentations, customer or employee booklets, look no further.

To help promote your business and support your message, we can help you create quality books in stunning print and dynamic electronic formats – the possibilities are endless but all achieve the same goal – giving your business a professional edge!

Ready to Get Started?
Although business activities happen all year long, February to June is a good time to start working on your book publication while things are usually a little quieter. It is also a good time to gather your publishing team, formulate your timeline, connect with your audience for feedback, getting your book underway so you are ready to get out there in the warmer weather to showcase your upcoming book and gear up for fall.

Project Management

Professional Editing

Dynamic Design

Quality Production

Do It Yourself

Through the our BEL Learning™ platform, you can access on-point workshops – Publish Your Book Professionally, Write & Publish Your Illustrated Children’s Book, Market Your Book With Purpose! – each online workshop’s tutorials include a video presentation, downloadable tools and templates, and online support for your specific questions – allowing you to go at your own pace, at your convenience!

Custom Approach

Because every book publication project is unique, we provide each author with a personal experience and we follow a professional publishing process.

We can’t wait to hear about your project, so please reach out to us today!

Imagine the moment when you get to hold your book in your hand for the first time. Don’t wait!