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Thank you Canadian Authors!

We appreciate that there are a multitude of choices out there for indie book publishing/self-publishing. Our team of book experts truly appreciate the opportunity to work with so many of our local Canadian authors to help them bring their books to life in a well thought-out fashion with local in-Canada quality production and/or Print-On-Demand. Each book is unique to us, as is each author, and we truly enjoy offering a caring, custom and professional experience.

Our biggest thanks is seeing each author’s expression when they achieve their book publication dreams and, even more importantly, knowing they have done it well by following a professional editorial process and so producing a quality book – worthy to compete! Thank you to all of the wonderful Canadian authors with whom we have worked, you are the best!!

For any authors out there looking for community, support, information – to help frame your writing and publishing goals, you’ll find lots of inspiration and information on our social media, which links to relevant blog posts. Plus, currently, you can receive a coupon for a free eBook on ~ Professionally Self-Publish Your Canadian Book – Is your book worthy to compete?

Meanwhile, as we wind down for the upcoming holidays, we thought we’d have a bit of fun. Of course the theme will have something to do with books, but it’s also about being thankful, taking time during all the busy-ness, being in the moment, and making memories – especially after the year we’ve all had in 2020.

Next week’s post kicks it off with a theme based on The 12 Days of Christmas (the song’s components worked well for article but, if you celebrate other than Christmas or not at this time of year, you can adapt to whatever your family has going on over the coming weeks… Have fun!

As mentioned above, lots of #free information available on our blog, and you can find us on social media with links to relevant articles at:


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