Trends for Children’s Books

It is interesting to note that what we saw last year still applies moving forward. Given research on how the stimuli of electronics can affect sleeping habits, together with many learners need for visual and tactile support, the calming affect of curling up with a colourful, printed book is still a treat!

We are certain that print books will remain alive and well in the children’s book world for years to come!

This article Children’s Print Book Sales Buck The Trend from Publishers Weekly has an interesting diagram near the end of the article showing media preference by age. Ages up to 10 years prefer printed books. It also state: “despite growth in ebooks, print remains the touchstone for children and families”

While, not specifically about children’s books, this Canadian Book Buyer Report from Booknet indicates that overall:

That’s almost half the buyers right there. And it goes on to show that over 50% of people are buying books in paperback format and over 70% are borrowing printed books from the library. The Booknet report conclusion states: “The biggest shift we have seen over the past two years is the movement to online.”

Our take ~ ebooks definitely have a place in the book world but ‘print books rule’ for our younger readers and many adults too!