Turn In-person Event Interactions into Online Sales

individuals standing at rail, checking their electronic devices
Image credit: pixabay.com/rawpixel

We spotted this great article on doing just that! It is talking about products other than books but the principles still apply. Check out the article here.

Here are the main tips that they talk about (with a nod to books):

  1. Build an awesome booth – that’s an extension of your brand and the book you are selling.
  2. Get online – ask people to get involved before, during and after; post while you are there, offer incentive to visit beforehand and rewards for follow-up after.
  3. Think ‘shop local’ – advertise in the many free online news outlets before, e.g., SNAP, Halton News + post something newsworthy about your event after, linking to your website where people can buy books, of course.
  4. Get acquainted with shoppers – asking some good questions about how and where they shop, and what engages them, might give you some new ideas. Get permission to contact them (Refer to CASL).
  5. Turn interactions into sales – Some people might be interested in buying after the fact so ‘thanks for attending my booth’ might be just what it takes to remind them. Or interesting ongoing news via a newsletter, as long as you have explicit permission. Review your research – what did you learn about your shoppers, can this help you improve your web presence or communications?

Most of all – have fun at your event!