VT #4 – It’s all about the joy!

mitts holding mug with books on table
iStockphoto.com/alexsl & Leks_Laputin

Ah, the thrill of a good book! It makes one consider why, when we find a book that we love, that we tend to stick with that author – reading every new release! Likely it’s a connection to their style, personality or subject matter. We embrace each new release with the same joy a child does when they find a favourite book.

Today, the connection between an author and their readers is strengthened because authors have the tools to communicate more directly with their audience through social media. Just as other personalities do, authors need to be approachable and engage their public (if they want to gain a broader reach, more public followers/readers).

Be sure the Blog article It’s all about the joy, which explores those early feelings of joy authors find in reading and writing and how it influences them to write today.

And it certainly is all about ‘joy’ at this time of year. Joy in being with family, with good friends and those you care about. And joy in remembering your accomplishments and the warm feeling of achieving your goals over the past year. For many of you, one of those achievements might have been publishing your book! Congratulations!!

VT #4 – What brings you joy, inspired you, the author-reader?

The final 2015 Virtual Treasure Hunt challenge:

  1. post a picture of you holding your book(s) with a caption about what inspired you (on your social media or website)
  2. make a comment on our Facebook page (under VT#4) and
  3. we’ll post it on our new Pinterest board…launching after the holidays!

For us it’s not just about the books, it’s about the people too! Let us help celebrate your inner celebrity!! … let your audience know a little bit more about you and about the story behind your book.

Working with amazing, creative authors, and helping them bring their book vision to life is our joy!!