VT#2 ~ Discover-ability (Have you joined our Virtual Treasure Hunt yet?)


Authors, particularly self-published authors, often ask – ‘Why isn’t my book/ebook selling?’ Perhaps the reason is your potential reading audience simply can’t find your book!

Be sure to read today’s blog post To sell, your book has to be discovered! which talks about how you can make your book more visible by using tools/online book listing sites, such as Goodreads that search out your meta-data (tags, key words, content etc.) and report back to users looking for books such as yours.

Authors ~ We encourage you to share your experience by commenting on this Blog and/or Facebook posts! Join our Virtual Treasure Hunt… gain exposure for your book!! What’s your answer to our challenge question(s)? 

VT#2 – Challenge Question:

For those already on list sites like Goodreads – have you noticed improved visibility? How was this evident &/or what other lists are you on? For those considering such a site – what is stopping you from trying?

TIP ~ Authors helping/supporting each other through shared experiences is vital in the self-publishing world. Be sure to go back to our VT#1 post and add your comment there as well!