Website – be sure to complete updates regularly!

It is very important to keep your website up to date!

Developers often update plugins and themes to keep them functioning well with such as WordPress updates and make it harder for trouble-makers to hack. Keeping your site up to date with the latest version of WordPress (often automatically done by your host provider, but check), theme, plugins, and any other supporting codes or scripts (check with your website administrator) up to date means your site will function better and be more secure.

At the top of your dashboard when you log in, you may see a notice and this is something that needs attention or updating to keep your site safe for you as admin and also for visitors. Take note of any required updates mentioned, such as WordPress, PHP, etc. See below for an example of a critical update that is required on the server, so if/when you see anything like this, it’s imperative to have your hosting server updated.

If you are comfortable, you can do most updates yourself. If not, ask your website administrator or host provider to assist (there may be a charge for their support).

One of the simpler things to keep updated yourself might be the Plugins – see instructions below.

Log in to your WordPress site and, if there is an update, you will see a number next to ‘plugin’ – click there and the plugin page will display. As you can see at the bottom, it says a new version is available – click ‘update now’. (If in doubt, consult your web administrator to be sure custom settings will not be overridden).

As well, although you may receive an email indicating someone has commented on one of your posts, it is wise to check in periodically. (You can set your preferences as to whether comments need to be approved before they are posted, which is likely best because occasionally you will see spam which you will want to delete.)

Log in to your WordPress site and, if there is a comment, you will see a number next to ‘comment’ – click there and the comment page will display. Hover over the comment and you will see choices to approve or not and/or edit. (If in doubt, consult your web administrator to discuss custom settings as necessary.)

Another check is to click on ‘updates’ under the heading ‘Dashboard’ in left menu, while signed in as Admin:

In any case, keep an eye on your site and if you see anything out of the ordinary and/or your ite doesn’t seem to be operating properly – immediately follow-up with your website administrator or host provider!

Keeping your site active, up to date and more secure … helps search engines list your site … and makes for a better user experience!