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We’ve Turned the Page!

Book publishing is always changing and evolving and so is TRIMATRIX Management Consulting Inc. Almost 20 years of service to our authors and one thing that never changes – our commitment – we become personally involved in all our authors’ projects, every project is unique, the process varies to customize for each book/author, we are in contact with constant updates and available for questions, and we truly care. We offer solutions in Canada for Canadian Authors. And we listen!

You’ve thanked us for our warm, inspirational, personal and custom support and said you really do feel like part of our author family. Many of you have connected with other authors within our group and shared information, likes and supportive messages on social media. We are so glad we could be part of encouraging this community of dynamic Canadian and local southern Ontario authors. We are truly here for you!

We so appreciate all the glowing feedback on publication services and caring guidance, and have very much enjoyed being your consulting and managing team to help you self-publish your book professionally (making you eligible for traditional publishing member opportunities), and also providing marketing strategies and help with planning implementation.

You asked us about broadening book distribution, print-on-demand (POD), more marketing support, and how to better distribute and get the word out about your book. Well … we’ve expanded our services, see Custom Support page, and we will continue to research and update support services as we test new options (we insist on trying it out first vs. simply jumping on the latest bandwagon). We will offer new opportunities via updates to our support services offers, listed on our Custom Support page (including rates to cover economical resource time) – providing more value-added support as it becomes available.

Our fabulous new website includes more information, options, and invites you to connect to discuss the best approach for your book and get a quote on costs to implement continuing and expanded customized support.

And for those who want to look at saving on resource costs by economically DIY (doing-it-yourself) – expert guidance via online workshops with downloadable tools and templates, and an online ‘ask the expert’ forum – we’ve got you covered with our BEL Learning Online Workshops.

Contact us TODAY! … to talk about exciting next steps for your book!!


NOTE: We have consolidated all our news distribution lists to help us provide better information, so you may notice the header of your newsletter is slightly different. Rest assured information is still available by specific categories of interest and comments are always welcome.


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