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Which book format?

In our newly launched online workshop – Publish Your Book Professionally – we offer lots of tools and checklists to help you get ready for single-sourcing multi-formats. But, should you? Which formats are right for you?

An infographic describing things to consider when choosing a book format.

You can always get into another format later. This helps keep your efforts focused on one avenue at a time. And, it gives you another opportunity to communicate with news – to tell your audience about the latest (format) release!

TIP ~ Add a special extra bit to each format so readers want that copy too!! See next week’s post on the marketing funnel.

After working with TRIMATRIX Management Consulting Inc. (TRIMATRIX) to fine-tune her manuscript, design her book, and publish print and electronic formats, Lynn also created an audio book using the professionally published book file that TRIMATRIX provided. For a look at the audio book publishing experience, check out this article with insights from Lynn McLaughlin, author of the book “Steering Through It – Navigating Life-Threatening Illness…Acceptance, Survival and Healing”

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