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Why is my book listed by other sellers on Amazon?

A number of authors have asked this question, so we went searching around in discussion forums to see what answers we could find.

For some books on Amazon, you may notice other sellers are also listed as selling your book and there can be a variety of prices.

Tip – Check that if you uploaded directly via KDP or seller account that the price you listed for the relevant currency has been entered correctly. Or, if you used such as IngramSpark, check the price you entered there is correct.

In some cases, you may only see your price showing or available if you search “other sellers.” The displayed price or the price in the buy box might be significantly higher and/or an incorrect or, maybe, a different price is being offered by a third party seller.

Here’s what the KDP/Amazon community says:

“If a third-party seller listing comes up before Amazon’s listing, it’s because they’ve paid for the placement. However, they don’t have your book. They have a higher price because they’d have to buy it from Amazon or Ingram (and you’d get your royalty) to resell [your book]… It makes the paperback [your book] look like even more of a bargain.”

Others comments include:

  • “it will work itself out soon enough with Amazon being the first price shown”
  • “shoppers should be savvy enough to look at the prices and see the lower one in the list”

Even though this might be somewhat disconcerting, individuals can’t control others’ businesses, general retail sales forums, etc. Those reselling your book, i.e., paying to purchase your book then adding a mark-up to resell it so they can make some money, would still have to pay your retail price to purchase your book from your retailer/distributor, such as Amazon, IngramSpark, etc. Most online shoppers are adept at looking for the best price, which is likely going to make the direct purchase link, e.g., from Amazon in their country often with free shipping, look much better than the other sellers.


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