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Why is professional editing extremely important?

Image of stack of pencilsEditing is key to creating a professionally published book and competing in the credible indie book publishing scene. Self-publishing has gained great strides in credibility because authors are following the principles of traditional publishers with great design, layout and professional editing. If you want audiences to enjoy your book, recommend your book and come back to you for your second or third book – you must edit rigorously!

Why not just do it yourself or have a friend edit?

  • not everyone has the skill set to edit properly, it’s all in the details, some you might not even know you should be looking for
  • friends are often kind before they’ll be correcting, and tend to offer more positive encouragement than critical feedback

Professional editors:

  • work with the author to rework or fine-tune, asking questions, providing honest and constructive feedback to improve your book
  • they have an interest in helping you produce work that engages and keeps readers attention, and often think of things you may not have considered
  • editors can determine the level of edit needed – developmental (looking at essential elements of the story, organization, flow); line editing (flow of ideas, tone, style, transition); copy editing (language/spelling, grammar, consistency in terms, time period, voice); proof reading (simple final check on mechanics of copy).

If you don’t pay for book editing, it may cost you more down the road …

  • When you look at something several times, it’s easy to see what should be there rather than reading what actually is there.
  • That last look, after you’ve been self-editing, might see a few more changes – which, if your book is already on press “stop the presses” means added work to revise and re-setup so added cost.
  • What a shame if your lovely printed books contain a glaring error – if it is critical, you might have to discard and reprint, incurring addition production costs.

Would you tune up your car yourself and take others along for a ride? Not likely, you’d leave it to the experts!

Take it from one of our newest authors…

I really owe Alexandra a big thank you, everything is so very much more professional looking and sounding. The more I read, the more amazed I became regarding what she noticed that I had not. The woman has a true eye, my book is so much better, clean and polished. And, her market relevance review absolutely captured what I was trying to say and some things that I hadn’t even realized that I said. I am so grateful to TRIMATRIX Management Consulting Inc. and Alexandra (editor on TRIMATRIX team), I’ve learned a lot!





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