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Writing a Book and Self-Publishing in Canada

Self-publishing a book in Canada begins with selecting a story or subject that you’re truly passionate about. When you write about your passion it not only fuels your creativity but also provides incentive to help see your book through to publication. When your target audience reads your book they will identify with your passionate authenticity!

Get Organized

Before you begin writing it helps to get organized. Identify your target market and ensure that you can include some of the story elements that they will enjoy while you remember to remain true to yourself. Spend some time with your characters as well. Develop their personalities and get to know them very well. You’ll need to know how they think so that they can act in a realistic manner when they are confronted with the obstacles and plot twists that you have in store for them.

Create an overall outline that lists the major plot developments to help you keep track of how your story is deepening and changing. Conversely, you could create a chapter by chapter outline if that would suit your story better. Once you have the “bones” of your novel outlined, it’s time to research.

Research Your Novel’s World

Just as you’ve gotten to know your characters you need to have extensive knowledge of your novel’s world as well. Discover and explore the technology, time, and place you’re going to be writing about. Is it powered by steam or magic? Is the setting modern or historical? You can even create a truly unique world where no one has ever been. World building can be one of the most entertaining parts of designing your novel so make sure you enjoy every bit of it.

Time To Write

Make sure to find time to write. Whether you like to scribble notes on post-it notes or get in front of the computer for a marathon session ensure that you dedicate time to the writing of your novel. When you start to write, leave the editing for later and let your creativity flow. Don’t allow perfectionism to creep in while you’re in your creative phase. Editing and restructuring can come later on. Just focus on writing compelling sentences to tell your story.

Seek Inspiration

Need some help or inspiration? The professionals at TRIMATRIX Management Consulting Inc. are here to assist you with self-publishing your great novel. From ideas to fine tuning and design we can provide as much (or as little) help as you need to produce a premium quality book in print and electronic formats – right here in Canada.


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