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Telling Stories Together

Writing With Your Children

Join us on a “virtual” literacy adventure! A wonderful way to encourage kids to read and write#funathomechallenge

Who knows kids better than kids? Kids know what kids like to read! The chance to be part of an ‘in-home’ publishing project encourages writing, reading, storytelling and sharing like no other experience.

Even for our youngest non-readers, illustrating a story encourages interest in literacy and supports comprehension. Above all, seeing their work in book form exemplifies personal achievement and truly inspires!

Here’s how it works:

  • use a picture with lots of details
  • start talking about what’s in the picture, the story behind the picture
  • ask lots of questions
  • jot down your child’s answers on separate pieces of paper or sticky notes, or ask them to draw pictures to describe what’s happening

The story doesn’t have to be perfect, far from it! Just let inspiration and ideas flow and record whatever your children contribute.

Check out our Telling Stores …Together book, included in “FREE resources to get kids writing” here, to see some examples, find more detailed instructions, and get ideas along with a few templates to help get you started.

For inspiration! … enjoy The Amazing Experiences Adventure! book posted as separate episodes, in a short mini-series on our blog.

For more ideas and a few fun things to do, check our Teacher & Parents section.

For example: Years ago, we were in a daycare, working with children 18 mths to 3 years, and they all wrote something for their class book.*  On the kid-sized tables, we laid out templates with a large box at the top and one line underneath, along with crayons. Then we gathered the children in small groups and pretended we were around a campfire roasting marshmallows (we all had marshmallows on Popsicle sticks). As we pretended to roast them, we talked about what we saw, heard, smelled, and tasted. Asking all the children questions to engage everyone. Then we immediately went to the tables and asked the children to draw their campfire gathering – amazingly unique artwork! We circulated to ask them about their picture and have them write a phrase or sentence about it (we wrote what they said for those that needed help). Next, we had the children stand up and read their sentence and/or talk about their picture (in some cases they added more to their sentence and/or we recorded a bit more). Finally, we scanned and put all the contributions in a professionally published book, which we presented to the proud young authors at a later date (in-home books can be stapled together; don’t forget to add a spectacular cover; and read often-:)

For more ideas, check out the Teacher-parent section of our blog.

*Kids for Kids Books™ programs have facilitated the publishing of thousands of students’ works, and the excitement is renewed with every book. We work with schools and libraries to bring a unique adventure in literacy to students of all ages and stages … from imagination to publication! Growing Ideas Into Books®

For 13 years, we worked with schools to engage students is writing, which in turn interested them in reading.

Over 50,000 students have been published in our school collections, through our Kids for Kids Books™ Young Author Publishing Adventure Program. And each author was so very proud of their accomplishment — inspiring children to write and read by showing them they can be officially published and their work part of Canada’s heritage.


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