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You may be in business, but can you sell your business book?

It may seem obvious, but for starters, make sure you write for your audience. This means that before putting the proverbial ‘pen to paper’ you need to find out what they really need know, what information they are looking for/will benefit them and isolate how you can provide unique help and answers. Then make sure your content answers those questions and provides direction to get them to their goals – not yours.

Some considerations:

  • include a Table of Contents (TOC) – your listing of chapter titles – that lists key phrases that people would search to try and solve the problem you are providing solutions for (i.e., readers will first look at the TOC to see if the information they seek is covered – if they find some topics of interest they are more likely to read on and/or purchase + look inside the book usually only shows the first few pages of a book, so make sure your TOC helps sell your content)
  • make your book readily available on- and offline (various formats that suit your business clientele)
  • use your book to market your business, e.g., a short book with valuable information can be great marketing material, giving your potential clients insight into what you can uniquely offer them
  • use your business to market your book – include information about the book on signature lines, in correspondence, invoices (but do check CASL and any other rules for your location, to be sure you aren’t contravening depending on your communication permissions), book space at events, give a few books away, get reviews, get influencers talking about your book and linking to where people can buy it, offer special discount

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